J Balvin's dad testified in defense of his son, and Billboard magazine replied

Social networks exploded this week after statements by reggaeton player J Balvin "against" Shakira. In this situation, and seeing that the image of his son was falling apart, the singer's father defended him against fans of Billboard magazine. Look at the sayings.

Some fans of J Balvin were disappointed this week with his latest statements and attitudes around controversial issues that haunt the world and even, against certain colleagues, as it was with Shakira.

Last Thursday, he was trending for an interview with the Billboard magazine in which, supposedly, he mocked the wife of the footballer Gerard Piqué. In it, Black Eyed Peas and Maluma also participated.

J Balvin fans disappointed in his "mockery" of Shakira....

At one point, they asked BEP leader Will.i.am who he had to be more 'flexible' with during the recordings, to which he replied that with Shakira. It was there when Balvin began to laugh out loud, while the member of the band continued with his response:

I have learned a lot from Shakira, because she is very professional, she is a school (...) She helped me a lot to improve the lyrics, the sound, the rhythm, and she does it very kindly: step 1, 2 and 3.

J Balvin interrupted Black Eyed Peas with his reply, "taunting" Shakira

J Balvin replied to this: "And then it returns you to step 1". Followers of the Colombian singer soon criticized the "disrespect" of reggaetonero. Even, Balvin fans disapproved of the responses, characterizing them as "mocking" towards Shakira .

Immediately, J Balvin's father, Álvaro Osorio, contacted the person in charge of conducting the interview and attached the WhatsApp screenshots of the communication:

My queen, Alvaro, father of J Balvin, writes to you, who as much as you have raised the flag of Colombia very high. My son has always admired you and said it to the 4 winds. They are both Colombian and as such must be respected by my son's fans towards you as your fans respect J Balvin, and do not draw curtains of useless hate and smoke.

J Balvin with his father Álvaro Osorio, who defended him after "making fun" of Shakira

For her part, the journalist replied:

Álvaro, I just hung up with Fabio because I'm hysterical about this. It was a divine conversation. Absolutely nothing was said out of place at any time and in any way. I do not understand people. I am super careful with the interviews and I always take care of them. This is an invention of haters. Look at it all. It is a very cool interview and everything that is said is positive. Amazing that this is happening. I would lower it, but it would imply that there was something wrong, but there is nothing wrong. Not at all. I think we have to let this happen and that's it.

What will Shakira think of all this? Will she support her colleague J Balvin, or will she be angry, like many of her fans? Will you pass up the statements? We will have to wait for official information from the Colombian or sources close to her figure.