JBalvin harassed on social media to apologize to Shakira

After several days since he made fun of Shakira in an interview, JBalvin continues to be harassed in the networks to offer an apology to the Colombian.

After making fun of Shakira in an interview with Maluma and Black Eyed Peads, Colombian singer JBalvin has received so many complaints in recent days by social networks that we doubt very much that he can resist much more.

JBalvin harassed on social media to apologize to Shakira

Since he decided to make fun of the most famous Colombian in the world of music entertainment, JBalvin has been rained by criticism and bad comments on his social networks every day.

No matter what nature her posts are, the balance towards negative comments and redress towards Gerard Piqué's wife are more than those of her fans defending or flattering her.

Until now, JBalvin has remained silent on the subject and has stopped his new haters from expressing themselves without restrictions on what they think of him and his music.

"LOCATE YOURSELF BEFORE SPEAKING EVIL ABOUT YOUR PATRON ... THE MOST FAMOUS AND AWARDED COLOMBIAN IN HISTORY. #Jbalvinisoverparty", "The day you have a song as supreme as Anthology and not shit like you make fun of someone who exceeds in masterful ways "," It is a good time to remember that she has written her entire discography, speaks 6 languages, IQ 140, winner of 16 Grammys, producer, singer-songwriter, philanthropist, plays the piano, guitar, drums, the harmonica, it has a Super Bowl, 3 World Cup, its star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame ... ", are some of the comments that are read in every publication it makes.

We'll see how expensive it is for JBalvin to talk about how demanding Shakira is when it comes to collaborating with another artist, and for how long JBalvin can hold out for Shakira fans.