Jackie Chan and Arnold Schwarzenegger are captured from the most smiling Look at them!

Discover the great duo of could burst the cinema box office

By  Right Now Newsroom

Chan Kong-Sang better known artistically as Jackie Chan is one of the most iconic actors of all time, this is due to his great career as an actor and master of martial arts.

So much has been the success of Jackie that they created an animated series called "The Adventures of Jackie Chan" which is broadcast on channels such as Cartoon Network, Neox, Nickelodeon and Disney XD.

Even so, Jackie is not only known for this animated production, he has also participated in great films like "An explosive couple" "The drunken master" and "Karate kid"

On the instagram social network, a photo has become popular where you can see the actor Jackie Chan accompanied by his counterpart Arnold Schwarzenegger and they look very smiling and friendly.

The snapshot we are talking about is posted on a fanpage of the actor and has a surprising number of 914. 498 "likes" by fans who expect these two movie stars to act together.

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