Jennifer Aniston explodes with rage and pays her with her cell phone... Come on Rachel, calm down!

Jennifer Aniston published a video in your brand-new account in Instagram where it appears to be hitting their own mobile phone in an apparent episode of anger. What happened?

Jennifer Aniston was careful over the years not to expose yourself in social networks, but recently fell into temptation and it seems he did not like very much the comments of their fans.

The american actress of 50 years, but so good that is seems 30, published a video in your new account Instagram in which he looks extremely angry, after consultation, what they seem to the comments of your first post, where he turned his co-stars of the famous series that launched it stardom: Friends.

Jenas stated in his biography that they call their friends, you opened your account about three weeks ago, and already has 18.5 million followers and the account goes up.

Let's go Jenniferthat sure Bratt Pitt also is following you!