Jennifer Aniston shown in a mini shorts and white top

Years don't go by Jennifer Aniston. It seems that time would not have passed for her since she looks almost the same as at the beginning of her acting career. She has a very fresh and enviable physical appearance.

Jennifer Aniston remained engraved in the hearts of her fans after playing Rachel Green in Friends, 26 years have passed since the series premiered, and fans are still stunned by the appearance of it.

Jennifer Aniston

At 51, there's no denying that he still looks much younger than he is, plus he has one of the hottest bodies in Hollywood.

Aniston has an amazing body, and with this mini short he lets us see his beautiful and slender legs that are always the protagonists in his dressing rooms and steal the eyes of the public.

It is well known that the actress has not been characterized by dressing ostentatiously or with exaggerated luxuries. She always shines without much effort and in her spare time, she prefers to walk much more comfortable in very simple outfits.

She is beautiful every day, and on special nights such as Hollywood red carpets, she strikes with her exquisite and sober dresses, almost always in the range of neutral colors.