Tremendous figure! Jennifer Aniston and the neckline on her back

Jennifer Aniston doesn't stop impacting with her elegance and beauty on her new Instagram account. Look at the photo that has been uploaded now: fantastic!  

She's blonde, with blue eyes and a heart attack figure, that's Jennifer Aniston...

At 50, Jen Aniston is still one of the highest-paid actresses in the worldwide showbusiness. And rightfully, she is gorgeous! 

"Jen in black" was the comment made by this Californian, when she gave us a picture of her back, with her characteristic elegance, and a spectacular black dress that reveals only the fair.


Four million views and more than 17 thousand flattering comments in 12 hours has this simple image of Jennifer Aniston, who continues to show that to be beautiful and famous, you don't have to show so much and let the imagination work a little.

Elegance 2.0!