Jennifer Hudson and her amazing performance in the “Global Goal”

This concert was held with a group of celebrities seeking to raise awareness and help those most affected by the global health crisis.

“Where peaceful Waters Flow”, the song performed by the American singer, icon of the R&B genre, who filled the banks of the river that runs through the city of Chicago with her impeccable and outstanding voice.

Along with Gladys Knight both singers made their voices resonate.

To set the scene and prepare the fans with her exponential voice, she stated:

"The power of unity creates change (…) So let's continue to unite to create that change, a good change".

The surprise not only gave her with her voice, but also when she joined forces with the famous singer and music legend Gladys Knight, a pair of voices that thundered in the most remote parts of the city.

This initiative joins the hundreds that are developed around the world to try to reduce the negative impact that the global health crisis has on the less favored population, whose food and health situation is not guaranteed.

This health catastrophe must leave a firm teaching in which you learn to fight a little more for those less favored, giving them the necessary tools to work for their future and that of their families and thus mitigate the need and poverty in the world.

Enjoy Jennifer Hudson's presentation: