Jessica Alba danced with her family and almost broke the camera: look at the kick she gave!

The beautiful actress Jessica Alba starred in a video with her family, dancing to characteristic 80s music. The end of it almost ended in accident, totally unexpected!

By  Right Now Newsroom

During these times, temporarily away from work projects, actress Jessica Alba enjoys the love of her husband and three girls.

Through social networks, we could see how she does gymnastics with Honor and Haven. They are amazing!

In the last hours, Jessica Alba posted another video where she also involved her husband Cash Garner Warren, to interpret a famous song from the 80s.

With the whole family in position, the four of them (except little Hayes) began to dance in sync. Until Alba screwed up! (literally).

At the end of the choreography, they had to go forward and make a small jump, apparently; but the mother of the family was 'moved' and raised her leg forward, when suddenly a blow was heard.

We do not know if it was the waist of the American actress or if, as fans say, it actually hit something and almost broke the cell phone that was leaning in front of them. Ay ay ay!

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