Just do it: Get legs like Beyoncé's with this workout

Train your legs with these amazing exercises.

If you are looking for legs as perfect as Beyoncé's, we tell you what to do to have them beautiful.

Just do it: Get legs like Beyoncé's with this workout

There are thousands of different leg exercises that help tone your thighs, but if you try to do them all, you will never leave the gym. That is why we explain three easy and simple exercises that will make you look the most perfect and toned legs in a few weeks.

Exercises that will make you look perfect and enviable legs

1.- Sliding side lunge
This is one of the most important exercises to harden the inner face of the thighs. So, if this is your area of greatest problem, include this exercise in your training routine:

Get legs like Beyoncé's with this workout

How to do it at home

First, tie an elastic fitness band to one leg of a sturdy piece of furniture from one end, and place the other end around your left ankle. Stay a few steps away from the furniture so that this strap and gives you resistance with which you feel comfortable and safe.

Then place the same foot that you have wound to the tape on a small sliding mat. Flex the right knee keeping the left knee taut, slide the left foot to the side, releasing the tension of the tape,

Slide the left foot to the starting position, next to the right foot pressing against the resistance of the band, keeping the hands together at chest height,

Repeat this technique 8 times, changing the position of the legs.

2.- Dead weight

Get legs like Beyoncé's with this workout

Grab a kettlebell with your left hand, place your right hand behind your back or to the side if you need to balance. Put your legs straight, raise your left leg, try to match it with the hand that carries the weight back. Lean forward, lowering the weight to the ground.

Perform this movement until your back and your left leg are on the ground, then return to the starting position. Load all the weight on your right leg, using your back to control balance.

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