Just for fans: Check out Jennifer Aniston's best haircuts

We will take a brief tour of Jennifer Aniston's makeovers and credit her trusted stylist Christopher McMillan who has been an excellent professional in her long career.

1. The 'Rachel' cut: Without a doubt, it was the most requested hairstyle in the 90's. A bit complicated to style, since it needs regular cuts to maintain the layers, it is not a wash-and-go style, it is necessary to dry with a round brush to define it.

Jennifer Aniston

2. The 'blunt bob' cut! : A fairly beneficial haircut as it refines the rounded face by styling and conceals the sides of the square jaws. In addition, it favors small faces.

3. With noticeable layers: With this cut you can add or remove volume to, add movement to the hair and comfort when styling it. A quite suitable result whether you have curly, wavy or straight hair.

4. XXL Hair: A blonde hair, super smooth and long, is a trend that invokes the hippie movement of the 70s and Aniston made it even more evocative by opting for the middle parting.

Jennifer Aniston

5. ‘Aniston’ Haircut: Medium long, straight hair with very subtle layers that keep the hair from falling flat. An ideal cut for those women who want something simple, without much innovation and is easy to wear.