Justin Bieber assaulted Shawn Mendes in public

Shawn Mendes and Justin Bieber are relevant male stars of the pop scene. However it seems that these artists do not consider that they play in the same league.

The misunderstanding between these two began with The Observer Magazine, who placed Shawn Mendes on the cover accompanied by the headline "Prince of Pop," a nickname Bieber felt was his own.

Loving threesome

But Justin has also been no match for Shawn. Recall that he hasn't made new music since 2015 by staying focused on his mental health and on his marriage to Hailey Baldwin, who happens to be Shaw's ex as well.

That's right, Justin's current wife had an affair with the interpreter of Sorry and What Do You Mean and, although they turned out well, it is not a matter that they like to mention.

Shawn Mendes

This time, both artists could not hide and ignore each other, and used social networks to make their rivalry clear. Also on the Hollywood Walk of Fame at an event honoring Sir Lucian Grainge, Mendes completely ignored Justin Bieber.

In an Instagram comment, Justin sarcastically invited Shawn to play Hockey, leaving him in a bad way with his fans. Apparently he is not very good at that game, however there was so much controversy that Bieber backed down and told him he was only joking.