Justin Bieber is surprised with his wife in Chicago

Justin Bieber is surprised with his wife in Chicago

A few hours ago, the famous Canadian-born singer with his beautiful wife were seen on a street in Chicago. It is worth noting that the artist was driving his sports car valued in thousands of dollars.

From a very young age, the famous and quite controversial pop music singer Justin Drew Bieber, has managed to attract the attention of his millions of followers by performing certain actions somewhat out of the ordinary.

Justin Bieber is seen on the streets of Chicago

Now only 26 years old, Justin Bieber is happily married and his beloved wife often shares several of his funny occurrences and supports him when he needs her.

And today is an example of the latter mentioned, since the happy couple today were together on a street located in Chicago, Illinois, to make certain purchases that apparently they needed to do personally.

That is why the famous singer decided to bring his luxurious blue sports car, which caught the attention of those who were present in the place much more.

An important detail is that the famous singer was with his respective face mask to take care of not only his physical integrity but also that of his wife, who by the way was calm concentrating on her purchases.

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