Justin Bieber makes strong statements about how he feels about his wife

A few weeks ago, the famous singer Justin Bieber gave strong statements about his feelings and how they acted with his beloved wife Hailey Baldwin Bieber.

During much of Justin Bieber's career, it has been proven on more than one occasion that it is very difficult for him to control many of his emotions, when we talk about this, we refer to rage, anger, happiness and love.

In fact, one of the most controversial occasions where this detail is completely proven is when he was dating the beautiful singer, songwriter and model Selena Gomez.

Over time, Justin Bieber has gone to therapy on a regular basis to begin to control each of the emotions and sensations that occur within him, when he lives an experience that makes him a little uneasy.

Undoubtedly, we have been able to observe a great improvement in the last few months, but we cannot deny the fact that those moments of lack of control are still there, which is totally normal, since it is still in the learning process.

The good news is that Hailey Baldwin Bieber is always by her side supporting him in everything he needs, despite the fact that sometimes the hard character of her beloved husband, makes her lose her patience a little.

The latter, we have been able to verify in numerous videos that have been spread over the internet, where both are shown having quite heated discussions and out of the ordinary, which of course has been widely criticized by the artist's fans.

On the other hand, during a program that is carried out by both artists, Justin Bieber decided to be completely honest about certain questions that some of his fans were encouraged to ask themselves, and the singer's answer, without a doubt, left them speechless.

Justin Bieber confessed that he would have been delighted to meet his wife a long time ago, as it would have been lovely for her to be the first woman in all aspects, both in intimacy and love.

Apparently, Hailey has made him a completely different and self-confident person, and this is the detail that Justin's millions of followers have loved the most. Without a doubt, everyone wants to see him happy with his wife.