Justin Timberlake raises his voice against violence towards "black" people

Justin Timberlake raises his voice against violence towards "black" people

Timberlake expressed on his Instagram account his discontent with the violent events that have been taking place against the "black" people, trying to shed light on those who were left with no options.

Justin Timberlake has spoken about what is happening to "black" people, an abuse against their lives that has been going on for years but now has a handbrake: the community exploded in the streets.

Justin Timberlake raises his voice against violence towards "black" people

After the death of George Floyd, the demonstrations have become massive throughout the United States, including in countries of the old continent. This time, it was another African American's turn to incite conscience from the other side of the road.

Rayshard Brooks died at the hands of an Atlanta police officer Monday, who simply shot him in the back after Brooks resisted arrest.

Timberlake wrote on his Instagram account about this:

"As a father, this photo hurts. #RayshardBrooks was the father of three girls ... ages 1, 2 and 8. He shouldn't be dead".

In addition, the singer explained that the system does not care about the lives of "black" people, a right that according to the United States Constitution should be guaranteed.

"The system needs to change ... it has repeatedly shown us that blacks in America are not safe".

The officer who shot Brooks was fired and the other officer involved has an administrative license, however this did not prevent the protests from taking place and violently people are tired of the abuse.

Joining this outpost of comments on social media against the murder against Brooks, singer Bruno Mars also expressed his thoughts about the murder against Brooks.

"They could have easily called someone to drive him home and protect his life instead of shooting him in the back like fools. I'm furious".

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