Karol G injected botox in the face and had very bad results

The Colombian singer once again gave something to talk about, after she recorded herself with a totally unrecognizable face. Doesn't look like her, watch the video.

The Colombian Karol G, is one of the most active celebrities on social networks. Due to her constant activity she always has something new to offer us, however, this time it is not what many expected of her.

Karol G

Karol is one of the influencers who has gone least through the scalpel, even, she herself has confessed that the only cosmetic surgery that has been performed on the body so far has been her bust.

However, in the video that the singer released, she left more than one impressed with her radical change in her face, even if it was not a video, many would deny that it is her.

Luckily, it is not an exaggerated Botox application, it is just the illusion of the makeup you have. The incredible illusion that your professional makeup artist achieved must be highlighted. If Karol G had not spoken in the video, many would not have believed that it is actually her.

The video ended with laughter, Karol definitely knows how to get a smile out of us.