Karol G was unfaithful to Anuel AA with Cosculluela? Look at this photo and check it out

Once again, the Colombian Karol G is world news due to these photographs that were revealed. Did she have a secret past with Cosculluela while she was with Anuel AA?

Karol G has been cataloged as the "princess" of reggaeton, however, many have claimed that Karol is more than a princess and a queen of the urban genre. Due to this, a great controversy was generated between her, Anuel AA and the legendary Ivy Queen.

However, today a new controversy came to light that involves the Colombian and the Puerto Rican Anuel AA. It is about the supposed adventure that Karol G could have had with the also singer Cosculluela.

Recall that Anuel AA and Cosculluela are not very good friends, these two legendary singers have been rivals for many years, probably their enmity has started since a photograph of Karol G and Coscu was published with "bad intentions" according to the words of the very same Karol.

“The most malicious human being in the entire world. You have neither my respect nor my admiration. You went to my dressing room where I was with my dad, calm and with great respect, we received you, and the first thing I told you was that I didn't want to be in the middle of that war that they are having.

“You just waited two whole shows for me to shoot this photo in which I didn't even smile and they even edited my face. What you are looking for is to continue harming people and how low you fell by involving me, you still have a long way to go to be a man, in a men's fight you don't get into a woman”

Karol G and Cosculluela

“Now I am going to shut up a bit of mouths that speak without knowing. I mean, cabr ..., you waited two shows to take your picture and she just out of respect took it. There is nothing wrong with that, she has no problem with you cabr ... and I know that you uploaded it with the intention of leaving her bad because you are a bit of an envious man that since I came out more than one takes me twice, but to hell no one touches them goat ... Real to death. "

The rivalry between these two Puerto Ricans has been around for years, both on social networks have hinted, as in their songs, and even these two have faced the law with lawsuits. Even, until not long ago, Cosculluela once again challenged Anuel and other great artists of the urban genre, among which are Daddy Yankee and Residente.