Kim Kardashian and a gift that makes Kris Jenner cry

Kim Kardashian gave a very emotional gift to her mother, Kris Jenner. For the businesswoman's birthday, her daughter recreated the most beautiful moments she shared with her family.

Kim Kardashian touched everyone's hearts with the gift she gave Kris Jenner for her birthday. This year they chose to make a more intimate celebration, where the Kardashian relived their happiest moments and remembered their father, Robert Kardashian.

In the video, Kim explains to his mother that lunch will not be at The Beverly Hills Hotel as planned. The surprise was that her daughter rented her childhood home and the cars they used at that time. Kris Jenner couldn't contain the tears.

“A little warning! I didn't buy it, I rented it for the day. It is not for sale", said his daughter. The reality show star explained in an Instagram post why the gift was so emotional and special for her family.

“This was the most special, nostalgic day of my life and we felt my dad’s presence enjoying this day with us!
I kept it together and didn’t cry the entire lunch even though I cried during the entire planning process. But at the end I went into my old bathroom, closed the door and cried so hard.”,  Kim Kardashian explained in one of her photos.

No doubt, a very nice gesture from her!

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