Know 4 foods that make cellulite worse

The appearance of cellulite may be due to hormonal factors such as genetics, but diet has a lot to do with this aesthetic problem.

Known as orange peel, cellulite is the accumulation of fatty tissue in some areas of the body and the biggest headache for women. Its appearance may be due to both hormonal and genetic factors, but diet has a lot to do with this aesthetic problem.

Eating food made with refined white flours such as breads and cookies, causes toxins to accumulate in the body that end up turning into cellulite. So avoid consuming refined carbohydrates.

Refined white sugar
Considered a poison by most nutritionists, refined white sugar contains empty calories that do not provide nutrients to the body, promoting the appearance of celutitis. Instead, it is recommended to consume brown sugar, panela, honey, maple syrup and agave syrup.

Instant soups contain large amounts of salt

Instant and canned soups
Although they are the best option when you are short on time, instant soups contain large amounts of fat, calories and salt. Taking them excessively produces metabolic syndrome, strokes, hypertension, diabetes and cellulite.

Processed meals
In addition to being addictive, processed foods are rich in sodium, refined flours and sugar, and saturated fats, highly harmful to the body. Also considered the main cause of coronary heart disease, overweight and cellulite.

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