Know the most painful places on your body to have a tattoo

Without a doubt, getting a beautiful tattoo sounds very interesting but sometimes we are terrified by the idea of thinking if it will hurt a lot. To have a nice tattoo on our skin, it is necessary to add ink through a sharp needle. But rest assured, here we will show you the most sensitive places of the body.

Without a doubt, the idea of wanting to paint our body with a beautiful tattoo is always present, but before going on this adventure it is necessary to know which areas of your body are more sensitive than others. Here we show you all.

Most painful areas for tattooings

Knee tattoos:

This area is usually quite painful, since it is a place where the needle must be constantly touching the bone, and this of course makes the process very annoying, but the end result is definitely worth it.

Most painful areas for tattooing

Foot and ankle tattoos:

As in the previous case, this area is just as sensitive due to the constant touch of the needle with the bone. We must remember that when a tattoo is carried out there are very short rest intervals, and of course this makes the process very painful.

Most painful areas for tattooing

Armpit tattoos:

The armpit is a very sensitive place due to the fact that certain important nerves are found, and this obviously makes this area one of the most painful when creating with ink and that artistic form that you desire so much.

Most painful areas for tattooing

Tattoos on the spine:

As we well know, the spine is full of nerve endings since it is the main conduit of the nerves and this makes it very sensitive. So if you want to make a beautiful tattoo in this area, we advise you to think about the intense pain.


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