Know the songs of Selena Gómez that could be inspired by Justin Bieber

The relationship that this pair had was marked by an unusual fame offering them more attention than they had between the media and the press.

Selena Gómez and Justin Bieber maintained an intermittent romance for more than 6 years, at which time they also made their careers and, which finally fell apart in 2018.

6 years of intermittent relationship that closed their cycle in 2018

Evil tongues tell that there are several songs by Gómez that found their inspiration in the relationship they had with the singer.

"We Don’t Talk Anymore" is the title of the song in which Selena collaborated with singer Charlie Puth in 2016. At that time Puth explained:

“I met Selena, and she had a very public relationship, from time to time, and could only relate to the song and the lyrical feeling (…) I was playing the song for her, and she started singing the second verse. I have chills".

"Love You to Love Me" was a hit with the singer who represents her # 1 spot on the Billboard charts. This song might not represent an obvious link with the relationship between them, however Gómez indicated at the time "I wrote it more than a year ago" and that does coincide with the months after the final breakup.

"The Heart wants what it wants" is the only song by the star that has credits from her on the 2014 album "For You", a song that explains that although a person is not good for you, the heart has the last word on the topic.

A relationship that was ultimately not healthy for either of them and which, being in the past, has given them the chance to rebuild their lives and seek their true happiness.