Know who is the woman that will dethrone Jennifer López

Jennifer López has a new impersonator who is  younger than her.

JLO is a woman with inexhaustible energy, since her youth this girl has remained the same, however, today at 51 years of age is when she has surprised us the most, thanks to her well-defined physique.

In addition to being a superstar, Jennifer López is also an excellent mother of two twins, whom she conceived with her ex-husband, also singer Marc Anthony.

This time, Jennifer was proud to share a beautiful #Tbt that she enjoyed with her daughter, who has demonstrated her great singing skills, this girl will definitely follow in the footsteps of her mother, because, Emme, remember that she also appeared in the Super Bowl, and shared the stage with her mother and Colombian Shakira.

Emme, at the age of twelve, has stepped on various stages with her mother and in all of them she has demonstrated her great ability to sing and dance.