Kylie Jenner is seen "alone" with this handsome man

The beautiful businesswoman Kylie Jenner, has revolutionized the networks after she herself uploaded new postcards with this handsome man.

Kylie Jenner is one of the most controversial women. This is due to the large army of followers she maintains on Instagram and also due to her renowned and famous Kardashian Jenner family. Kylie is the youngest of the clan and even so she is possibly the most recognized of all along with her sister Kim.

One of the engines that drove Kylie's fame was the drastic change that happened in her teens, when she left her youthful appearance to consult the surgeon and return with a much older and "improved" appearance.

Also her "silent" pregnancy prompted her followers to want to know more about her while she was away from social networks and work to be able to carry a pregnancy without stress and very healthy.

The last time everyone was talking about this beautiful brunette was when Forbes magazine got a note from her denying her billionaire fortune, it seems that the Kardashian Jenner family definitely broke off relationships with them.

This time, Kylie returned to talk about uploading some postcards in a heavenly place with her little Stormi and a handsome hunk. Many of her followers claim that he is one of the best friends of her sister Kendall Jenner.

Recall that Kylie and Travis broke up some time ago, and were so discreet that no one noticed until a few months later when the rumors began to spread because it was strange that this couple did not take pictures so often.