Kylie Jenner prepared a beautiful surprise for Travis Scott on Father's Day

The former couple has shared a lot during the days of social distancing, and now the socialite has published on her Instagram some photos with the surprise that she prepared for the father of her daughter.

Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott ended their relationship last year. However, they have not stopped having a close relationship so that their daughter Stormi grows up in a warm and caring environment.

But such closeness has generated rumors in which people presume that although it is not official, this pair must be together.

The loving parents maintain a close relationship for the well-being of Stormi

There are many clues that have paved the way for this speculation of fans and detractors of the couple. Since the social isolation began, the rapper has been visiting mother and daughter very often.

In addition Jenner boasted an obscene number of flowers that was sent to her on Mother's Day without limiting who had sent such a gift, and now she is the one who publicly demonstrates her attentions to Travis.

In the Instagram posts you can see the beautiful arrangement of blue roses that the businesswoman ordered to make for the rapper, as well as the arrangement of blue balloons, cookies and other details devised by Jenner.

All sources close to the couple that the US media have been able to contact have always assured that they simply keep a very close relationship for the good of little Stormi. We will see how it continues.