Laura Bozzo faces the law for wanting to mutilate her ex-husband's penis

Laura Bozzo could pay in prison for the attacks suffered by her ex-husband during an episode of domestic violence that occurred in 2018

The famous Peruvian television presenter, based in Mexico, Laura Bozzo, faces a legal process for trying to mutilate her ex-husband, the Argentine musician Cristian Zuárez.

The information was disclosed by Zuárez's lawyer, who had a relationship with Laura Bozzo for more than 16 years, during the Mexican television program De Primera Mano.

The episode of family violence on which the lawsuit is based was registered in 2018, after the television host discovered the extra-marital relationship between Zuárez and Adriana Amiel, her then partner.

Laura Bozzo publicly admitted having taken a knife to sever the organ from her husband, according to a statement presented on the television program by Zuárez's lawyer, who stated that his client was repeatedly victim of domestic violence.

After the events, Laura Bozzo herself confessed in the program "The value of truth" to have acted against her husband: "what I wanted was to scare him. Imagine, he ran all over the house and I ran with the knife for behind him".

Laura Bozzo confessed to threatening Cristian Zuárez

The accusing party presented evidence of the alleged injuries with a sharp knife suffered by Cristian Zuárez, which dismantles the version by Laura Bozzo, that there was no intention of causing any type of damage.

This week it was learned that Laura Bozzo will file a complaint against her ex-husband for defamation and slander in the United States, Argentina and Mexico.

The measure responds to the statements offered by Zuárez in several television programs, where he claimed to have been the victim of attacks by Bozzo.