Leaked video of Tini Stoessel crying inconsolably. Does she miss Sebastián Yatra?

In the last hours, a video went viral where the singer Tini Stoessel cries inconsolably on her bed around various letters, writings, documents. It looks overwhelmed and fans are concerned.

Tini Stoessel started out as the star of Violetta, a famous Disney Channel series that aired from 2012 to 2015. The Argentine actress started her career to fame back then and is now one of the most beloved pop singers in the world.

Although many haters consider that her success is due to her father, Alejandro Stoessel, renowned Argentine television producer, the now 23-year-old does not look back, turns a deaf ear to bad comments and enjoys her music.

Tini Stoessel 

Still, her beauty and talent have not been able to cover a great controversy, which has been the protagonist of the media in recent weeks. Tini separated from the Colombian artist Sebastián Yatra and in addition, he was linked with Danna Paola, a Mexican actress titled as the "third in discord".

Although both Argentina and Yatra confirmed that geographical distance was the cause of their breakup, the supposed love triangle continues to speak, considering that Yatra and Danna released a song together, called "No bailes sola".

Sebastián Yatra and Tini Stoessel

For his part, Tini does the same with the new single he released with the Argentine rapper Khea, "Ella dice". It is a song, apparently, as a hint to Yatra. However, for the two Argentine citizens it is just "good reggaeton rhythm".

Tini's millions of followers on social networks enjoy seeing her well and flatter her latest work projects. Likewise, they hope to see her again on the small screen, already confirmed by the also actress: at the end of the year she will travel to Colombia and with Yatra, they will star in a romantic novel.

Tini Stoessel.

However, Tini's life seems to still be a roller coaster. In the last hours, her fans were surprised with an unpublished video of the Argentine singer. She is on her bed, with thousands of letters and documents around her, while crying without hesitation. What will be happening in Tini's life, does the lack of love make her sad?

From RNow, we investigated and it turns out to be a newly viralized video, taken from the official YouTube channel of Tini Stoessel. Although it may be current considering all the "problems" that the artist is going through, in this video she was only moved by the tender messages of her followers.