Learn about the productions that Netflix will premiere in June

Being at home is attractive when we have activities that entertain us and series or movies that make us spend a different time, resting and preparing our bodies for when we have to go out again.

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Netflix, the streaming giant, always has new productions for your personal delight but also to enjoy as a family and thus enjoy the moment that the crisis gives each family, to strengthen fraternal ties and spend a different time in the midst of the situation. of global health.

Here we leave you the new releases that the platform plans to release in June.

1. For thirteen reasons: June 5 opens the final season of this series that shows a different drama. Here Hannah Baker leaves Clay Jensen a recording in which she reveals the 13 reasons why she ended her life.

2. Pokémon Travel: For Picachu fans there is the premiere of this series on June 12, the plot of which unfolds between Ash's wishes to be a pokémon master, Goh's aspirations to capture every pokémon that exists and the invitation from Professor Cerezo to this pair to become his colleagues as official investigators.

3. Give 5 Bloods: Brothers in Arms. This film bases its plot on the story of Paul, Otis, Eddie and Melvin African American veterans of the Vietnam War, who return to search for the remains of their squad leader and buried treasure. The appointment is June 12 to witness some of the consequences of the war.

4. A Whisker Away: If you are a fan of animation, this Japanese film will take you to witness the life of Muge, a young student who falls in love with her partner and chases every day in search of his attention.

Shortly after, he gets a mask that allows him to transform into Tarō and get closer to his partner. However, he runs the risk of not returning to normality and remaining like a cat for the rest of his life. Premieres on June 18.

5. Dark: You cannot miss the premiere of a new installment of this German series with a tremendous psychological load that is triggered after a nuclear accident produced a global catastrophe.

The release date is estimated to be June 27 and you may wonder why there is no certainty? Well, there is no confirmation but tracks left by the production show that it is the indicated date.

One of the tracks happens in the second season, in which the following is indicated in the middle of the series:

"My name is Claudia Tiedemann, I am one of the few survivors of the apocalypse of June 27, 2020."

The other clue was a crumb trail left by Roman Knizka, an actor who played Folge in the series. The actor mentioned in his official Instagram account June 27, 2020 as the premiere date, however he had to delete this post.

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