Learn about the unusual truth never told of Sophia Bush

Sophia Bush es una  joven actriz oriunda de  California, nació  el 8 de julio de 1982, es hija única de Charles Bush fotógrafo y Maureen Bush. Ella destacó por su participación en la serie One Tree Hill.

Sophia Bush is reputed to date her co-stars, including her One Tree Hill peers, she never had a problem until she consolidated a marriage to OTHChad Michael Murray

Sophia Bush

She classified her marriage as stupid after only lasting five months married. Later she said that over time the person improves and a better version of each person is created.

Also, getting to show business was a mistake. Apparently she wanted to be a doctor, but it was a requirement of high school to act in a play, it seems that everything has been a mistake in her life.

Sophia Bush

Currently, the actress takes  very seriously being an example to follow , and uses Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to speak with individual followers about insignificant topics to relevant social issues.

Bush is synonymous with her television work and activism, but there is also another curious fact, she is known for her raspy voice, not that she is complaining, her voice is like that and although she has been criticized for this, she accepts herself as she is.