Learn how to keep bananas fresh for much longer

This simple trick will save you a few trips to the market in search of fresh bananas, yellow and without brown spots.

Surely on more than one occasion you have had to discard the bananas that you kept in the fridge or in the fruit basket, as they spoiled in less than the expected time.

If you like yellow bananas, without brown spots, it is important that you learn how to preserve them correctly to prevent them from spoiling much faster.

A very simple tip is to separate the bananas from the bunch and wrap the stem of each one with plastic wrap. Although it requires a little work, this method will allow you to lengthen the ripening process of the fruit, avoiding the early appearance of brown pints.

Learn how to keep bananas fresh for much longer

Banana, like apples, pears, potatoes, and onions, naturally emit a gas, known as ethylene, that accelerates the aging process of fruits and vegetables.

In the case of bananas, ethylene is released through the stem, which is why when you protect this point, the appearance of brown spots is delayed. In this way you can keep it longer in the refrigerator or at natural temperature.