Learn how to make your own glitter eyeshadow palette

In recent years, glitter has become popular in both fashion and make-up fashion. These products are usually expensive. Today we will show you how to make your own and cheaper glitter eyeshadows.

Glitter makeup is a trend for any situation: for a party, night or day, even for a walk with friends. Still, purchasing these products is not cheap.

If you did not have time to buy or the money is not enough, we show you how to make your own glitter eyeshadow palette: easy, cheap and fast. You need only a few materials, and a few minutes.

Make your own glitter eyeshadow palette


You will be made a goddess with your homemade glitter eyeshadows.


  1. Mix in a clean and dry bowl, the 3 tablespoons of glycerin, the 2 ml of aloe vera gel and the 2 ml. of natural alcohol.
  2. With the syringe take a little of the mixture and spread it in the container where you will keep your glitter eyeshadows. Keep in mind that it should only be half of the container, to prevent it from spilling.
  3. Take the cosmetic glitter color of your choice and add it to the previous mixture trying to fill each space of the container, being very careful not to waste it.
  4. Do it like this in each container, with all the colors you want and even original combinations.
  5. Let it sit for 2 to 3 hours until it looks like a compact gel. In this way when you apply the glitter it will not fall on your entire face, destroying your makeup.

Be sure to use glitter or cosmetic glitter to avoid allergic reactions or eye irritation. Also, you can put these tips into practice to make other products, such as lipsticks or glitter highlighters.

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