Learn how to preserve yellow bananas without turning black within a few days

Bananas are one of the most eaten foods in the world, and thanks to their easy accessibility and economy, they have made us use them in various ways and recipes.

Despite the fact that we do everything possible to try to keep them fresh as we buy them in the supermarket, after a few days we notice that our bananas have started to grow black pints. How to avoid it?

Preserves in this way and prevents them from maturing quickly

According to experts, bananas should be kept in an environment between 10º and 20º C and should be kept away from other fruits, such as apples, kiwi, tomato and / or mango.

In kitchens the temperature is higher than 20º, then it is advisable to store the bananas in the fridges or refrigerators to slow down the ripening process even more and prevent black spots from coming out in a short time.

Prevent bananas from turning black by storing them in the fridge properly

Our fridges are usually at approximate temperatures between 4º and 5º, much less than the recommended temperature that we had said before (10º and 20º C). If we keep our bananas at such a low temperature what we will do is that both the banana and the skin turn black anyway.

Preserves in this way and prevents them from maturing quickly

That is why the correct way to keep bananas in the fridge to slow down their ripening and prevent them from turning black is to wrap them with paper, but not with newspaper. It is recommended to wrap it with a handkerchief or food preservation bag, this will prevent the banana from being colder than recommended.

In addition to the temperature, we must place them in a place where they are not hit or rubbed with other foods in the fridge, they should not even be rubbed with other bananas. Give each one the appropriate space and care.