Learn to jump rope with Natti Natasha and show off an amazing body

Dominican Natti Natasha shook social networks with the publication of a video jumping rope.

Natti Natasha is an artist who has made a significant impact on the music scene, as she often interacts with her fans through various digital platforms, sharing her photos and videos.

Digging a little more about the daily routines of the Dominican, we found a video on Instagram where you can see the artist exercising jumping rope.

As everyone knows, Natti is very disciplined when it comes to exercising and this time she surprised us with a morning routine. It should be noted that this exercise is very complete since it works all parts of the body.

The reggaeton player decided to tone her figure with a very complete workout that strengthens her legs, calves, abdomen, shoulders, back, buttocks and arms, thus demonstrating that she is in excellent physical condition.

Natti Natasha decided to promote her new single “Que mal te fue” through a video, while toning her silhouette. Without a doubt a combination of exercises and music that caused euphoria among her followers.