Let your hair grow non-stop with this homemade shampoo made with horsetail

Healthy and long: Now you can have dreamy hair with natural horsetail  

For years, different homemade treatments based on medicinal plants have been used, such as the plant nicknamed "Horsetail", which is widely used to make teas or regenerative drinks thanks to its properties, such as silicon, potassium , magnesium and aluminum.

Benefits of using horsetail in hair

Prevents and controls hair loss

One of the most common and feared problems for everyone is hair loss, which can be caused by various inconveniences such as stress, hormonal treatments, alopecia and other complications. Horsetail is super effective in combating loss, especially when nutrients are lacking in our hair.

Benefits of using horsetail in hair

Strengthens each strand

This is thanks to silicon, the horsetail can make our hair even more resistant, completely avoiding its easy breakage. In addition it also helps split ends and improves the appearance of your hair.

Safeguards hair health

If you are one of those who use high temperatures on hair such as flat irons, curling irons or dryers, then this natural treatment will give you the security you long for.

How is horsetail shampoo prepared?

This plant can easily be purchased at any health food store, or supermarket, once you get it you will have to follow these steps:

Benefits of using horsetail in hair

Fill a cup with water and bring it to a boil. Now add a handful of the horsetail plant. Wait about 5 minutes and turn off the heat. Then wait for it to cool down. With the help of a strainer, transfer your infusion to your usual shampoo bottle.

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