Lethal Weapon: See what foods you should never mix with yogurt or milk

Maintaining a good diet cannot be explained by the word "balanced" alone. It is true that variety is the key to nutrition, but there are certain combinations that are harmful to our body.

Dairy products are recommended in small amounts to supply certain nutrients to the body. Recent research indicates that eating them in excess represents a health risk, especially if ingested in the company of the following foods.

Fruit and yogurt: Yogurt has a large number of bacteria that react on the sugars present in the fruit. This can lead to allergies, colds or release dangerous toxins. That is why you have to be especially careful to mix with kiwi, because this fruit has an enzyme that accelerates the decomposition of dairy products.

Yogur and kiwi

Milk and Banana: Most love a banana milk shake. But this combination is quite heavy for the stomach, which can cause a laxative process in the body. This applies to recipes that include milk with apples or melons.

Milk and cereals: This combination is dangerous for the organism. The carbohydrates in the presence combined with milk are digested very quickly causing alarming spikes in blood sugar, and therefore a deep feeling of tiredness and fatigue.

Dairy and meat

Nuts and yogurt: If you want to conserve strength and not lose energy, eating this mixture is not for you, because yogurt and nuts are two great sources of protein, and together they will take a long time to break down, putting your body in a situation exhausting.

Dairy and meat: The calcium provided by dairy prevents the absorption of iron found in meats. Therefore in the snacks you should avoid eating, before or after, any food of this type to avoid complications in the digestion of meat.

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