Like Sisters: Look how similar are Jennifer Lopez and her mother

In the last hours, photos of Jennifer López with her mother were made public and the similarity between the two left more than one gaping. From such a stick, to such a splinter.

Singer Jennifer Lopez has always shown that family comes first. Her mother, Guadalupe Rodriguez, is a true example of this and fans constantly share photos and videos together, enjoying their great bond.

Now, some images were published on social networks, comparing the famous JLo with her mother, and the resemblance is incredible: not only are they both beautiful, but despite their age, both remain youth.

Jennifer Lopez and her mother.

Jennifer Lopez has a very good relationship with her mother Guadalupe Rodríguez, who usually accompanies her on her shows. For this reason, she knows the lyrics of the songs and the choreography that her daughter performs on stage by heart.

For his mom's 74th birthday, JLo celebrated it in a special way. The singer shared a video in which she appears inviting her mother to accompany her on stage. Rodríguez climbed the stage and danced alongside her daughter, who definitely inherited her talent.

If JLo's mom looks like this at 74, the singer's fans can't wait to see her favorite celebrity during that age so well, healthy and beautiful. Currently, Jennifer López is 50 years old and still dazzles her audience.

Jennifer López y Guadalupe Rodríguez,"of such stick, to such splinter".

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