Lips of death: Know the lipstick brands that can poison you

In 2013, a study found lead in 75% of lipsticks.

There are those who cannot conceive the idea of crossing the door of their house without makeup. Lipstick is capable of giving you a fabulous look in seconds.

Did you know that this bar capable of providing color and texture to your lips, also contains oils and emollients, lead, a neurotoxic metal responsible for the appearance of neurological, cardiac and fertility disorders.

A 2013 study, replicated by the journal Environmental Health Perspectives, detected lead in 75% of lipsticks tested. In 2010, prior to this finding, the United States government found traces of this neurotoxic metal in 400 lipsticks of recognized brands.

Revlon and Maybelin, are some of the brands that use lead in their cosmetics

In response to this, the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) removed lipsticks that could pose a health risk from the market, and reduced to 10 ppm the measure of lead present in these cosmetics.

Safe or not, the truth is that these brands contain small amounts of lead that, according to the FDA, do not represent a health hazard: Revlon, Maybelin, Cover Girl, Avon, Shiseido, Beauty Treats Rose, Lady Olé, Shalala, Sonia Kashuk and Fashion Fair.

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