Look at Danna Paola's beautiful sister: she is a mom and she still has the best body in Mexico

Danna Paola usually shows her work projects and vacations on social networks, but occasionally models her family, who supports her so much in her artistic career. Among them is her beloved sister Vania Rivera, a beautiful woman and mother.

On social networks, Danna Paola usually shares news related to her work, her outfits or even thoughts, but there are not many photos and videos about her family. She has always been considered reserved with her private life.

The Mexican actress has a sister named Vania Rivera, a beautiful young woman who, as her description on Instagram says, is "mom, Mexican and influencer in the area of marketing." She has more than 100,000 followers and 2,000 publications that leave more than one loyal and in love. Undoubtedly, beauty is inherited.

Danna Paola and Vania Rivera.

She currently lives in Cancun with her husband Pablo Ibarra and their son, Iker, with whom she has spent unforgettable moments on the seashore. Despite the fact that she is already a mom, Vania has an enviable physique, perfectly conceited in her posts.

 Danna Paola's beautiful sister: Vania Rivera

Vania Rivera shows love and an unconditional relationship with Danna Paola, which goes beyond brotherhood. On the Instagram of the older sister of the Mexican actress, we can see the "other life" of Danna and how they enjoy together.

For the last birthday, N ° 25 of the leading actress of Elite, Vania dedicated an exclusive post to her official account, with a collage of photos and some tender words: "A day like today .. 25 years ago I had in my arms to my only sister and the best in the world! Thank you for so much love sis, you are a being of beautiful light. WE LOVE YOU WITH THE SOUL. Happy return to the sun, you deserve the most beautiful thing in the world. We will miss being in your celebration ".

Vania Rivera greeted Danna Paola for her 25th birthday.

Beauty and talent characterize the Rivera family. Danna Paola and her older sister Vania Rivera are two clear examples. The two together are an explosion of beauty that has everyone shocked.

 Danna Paola's beautiful sister: Vania Rivera