Look at Jennifer López with this mini body that highlights her amazing body

Diva diva Jennifer Lopez showed that she still looks even more beautiful than when she was younger. Who would have thought that at 50 years old she would have a better body than in her youth.

Throughout her career, Jennifer López has been considered one of the most loved artists by all, thanks to her passion for music and acting, although in the latter she has not been recognized as many would like.

Currently in his 50s he has shown that age is not an impediment to show off a fitness body. For some time, JLO has been dedicated to working on her physical appearance with more responsibility and the results have been impressive.

Thanks to the large number of fans that the divas have, she has managed to get thousands of her followers to open accounts on social networks with her name, where the best images and videos of the Bronx diva are posted.

In one of the images Jennifer can be seen wearing a very tight black body, posing on top of her dresser and with a ponytail. She doesn't look like a 50-year-old woman, which is her secret?

Although it is true that López has gone to the surgeon, his physical efforts are also very great. Let's remember that she, along with her fiancé, Alex Rodríguez, are lovers of sport and healthy life.