Look at Vin Diesel's promise to Paul Walker before he dies, fans cry!

The death of actor Paul Walker in 2013 left fans of the Fast and Furious saga very sad, not to mention his cast. Find out what his friend Vin Diesel promised him before the accident. You can't believe it!

By  Right Now Newsroom

In 2013 we learned about the premature death of actor Paul Walker, star of Fast and Furious.

The car accident left a widowed woman and an orphan daughter, with actor Vin Diesel, Walker's best friend, becoming a tutor.

In 2013 Paul Walker passed away with a friend in a car accident.

Seven years later, Vin Diesel confessed to having made a promise to Paul Waker, hours before what happened.

"He always liked the fact that more movies were made, and that we thought about the next ones before they were even announced," he said.

The arrival of 'Fast and Furious 10' is honoring it and honoring Paul Walker, who played Bryan O’Conell in the first films of one of the highest grossing sagas in Hollywood. Beautiful friendship!

"However, that night we talked and I promised him that I would take it to that point, it may not mean anything to someone else, but for me it is the promise I made to my brother, and I would like to honor him with it," said Vin Disel.

Vin Diesel and Paul Walker.

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