Look at Will Smith's super mansion: It allows him to practice all sports!

Will Smith fans laugh on social media when the actor tells them to 'stay home'. With a tremendous celebrity-like house, we all want to stay! See how it is, where it is and how much it is worth.

By  Right Now Newsroom

Actor Will Smith has lived in Calabasas, California for more than eight years.

The also American musician spends his days with his also successful wife Jada Pinkett Smith. They don't have a bad time!

They live in a mansion: Will Smith commissioned an impressive house from an architect in 2003, to which he moved in 2010.

'Stay at home', writes the actor and fans reply that 'with his mansion, we would all want to': it has 2,300 square meters and is located on a 60.7-hectare piece of land near the Malibu coast.

It also has nine rooms connected to each other by a spacious and fluid living room, a meditation room, a recording studio, a garage for eight vehicles and areas for recreational activities: basketball, volleyball and tennis courts, a long swimming pool and a huge trampoline.

In February 2014, the property was valued at $ 42 million, a fifth of the total wealth of Will Smith, who is said to have about $ 200 million to his credit.

Vista aérea de la mansión de Will Smith y su esposa.

But the Smiths have numerous other properties around the world: a 743-square-foot Pennsylvania mansion on 1.30 hectares; and a 380-square-foot house in Woodland Hills, in the Los Angeles area. Amazing!

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