Look at photos of Shakira in her teens that were posted

It must be emphasized that artists always accumulate Haters, sometimes for no reason and Shakira is no exception. In this opportunity they undoubtedly seek to discredit her.

It cannot be denied that Shakira is a beautiful woman, although she is no longer the same at least physically. Some photos were leaked on Instagram in which it can be seen that throughout her career she has done some aesthetic touches.


Anyone who gains Shakira fame and also has to live by her image would do the same. It is evident that she has undergone surgery to correct small things.

Some detractors commented on the photograph, such as: "Good luck, she had an operation" "She was very ugly when she was little" "Without an operation, she would not be what she is today" or "Have these photos been seen by Piqué?"

It should be noted that the Colombian singer is one of the few celebrities in the music industry who shows herself without makeup, with her natural hair and sportswear on her same Instagram account.


Shakira does not seem to feel sorry for her youth, since she has been considered one of the most influential Hispanic celebrities, with more than 65 million followers on Instagram.