Look at the photo that proves that Pablo Alborán and Ricky Martin were a couple

Pablo Alborán is 31 years old and has openly confessed in a video through his Instagram account his sexual choice, and thanks his faithful followers for receiving him with so much love.

In mid-2014Pablo Alborán was seen in many photographs with Ricky Martin, it was rumored that he had a Puerto Rican love affair, at that time they worked a duo that gave a lot to talk about.

Pablo Alborán and  Ricky Martin

Pablo Alborán's sexuality was always a mystery. He never met a girlfriend on social networks, and some personalities around him always commented that he was gay.

A few hours ago, the singer broke the silence and commented the following: "In my house I have always had the freedom to love whom I have loved. I have felt sheltered and accompanied when it comes to fulfilling each one of my dreams. In my work, with My friends, in my record company at Warner, I never felt discriminated, hated or felt like I was going to disappoint someone for being me ”.

On several occasions, Alboran was asked about his personal life in various interviews and, as expected, he did not take it in a good way, but today he took the step: "Welcome to gay pride."

On the other hand, he also denied having had a relationship with Ricky, they just liked working together. The mystery continues.

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