Look beautiful: Learn how to pluck your eyebrows perfectly at home, Step by Step

Follow this wonderful guide  to learn how to get your eyebrows out

The eyebrows are a very important element of our face, since they make our face change completely. That is why we have decided to give some tips so that you do it at home and you do not have to spend money.


Using an eyebrow brush, comb the hairs up and out to tidy them up. Doing this step in your daily routine will open your eyes.

Now mark the following 3 points:

Point one. Put the pencil at the top of the nose flap vertically through the eyebrow. Check it so you know where to start.

Point two. To find out where to make the arch of the eyebrow, place the pencil at the corners of the nose, diagonally passing the iris of the eye and ending at the eyebrow. Mark the end of this line.

Point three. If you want to know where the eyebrow should end, place the pencil at the corners of the nose in a diagonal direction again, but now through the outer corner of the eye. Don't forget to mark this last stroke. And finally join the three points.

Remove all the hairs with a tweezer, remove everything that is outside the frame that you traced and do it preferably with a magnifying mirror and midday light so that you can remove even the smallest without problem.


Since the frame of your face is clean, remove all traces of makeup with make-up remover, perfect the angles with a eyebrow liner if you wish, wash the skin and spray rose water or apply your moisturizer.

Epilating the eyebrow is not simple and you must inform yourself very well before using the tweezers to remove the unruly hairs from your eyebrows. Apply these tips and wear a shocking look

Note: Do not forget that if you are going to use a eyebrow liner it must be well sharpened so that the movements are smooth and do not irritate the skin

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