Look how Anuel AA celebrates that his hair grew back

Anuel AA returns to do his on social networks, but this time he did it in a very energetic way by celebrating that his hair grew back.

Puerto Rican singer Anuel AA is one of the greatest exponents of the urban genre. As he has stated in several of his songs, he is considered the king of the Latin trap, so it is normal that everything he does or does not is news.

On this occasion, the controversial singer Anuel AA published on his official Instagram account, on July 4, a video that has brought more than a smile to many of his faithful followers.

The audiovisual material that we have talked about can be seen the singer pleading for his hair to grow. Then in the course of the video you can see him celebrating and celebrating that his hair has already grown.

However, what has really caught the attention of all his followers is the very energetic way of celebrating it, because he did it with his style using some bad words, which are very common in the artist.

The video did not take long to become a trend, because so far it has more than a million likes and the incredible amount of four million views by its followers on Instagram.