Look how Luis Miguel looked at 20 years old

Luis Miguel is a famous that we will always have engraved in our memories, he has dedicated himself to developing his career as a singer from a very young age

Luis Miguel, turned 50 on April 19, 2020. It seems that he has taken a 180-degree turn, starting with having cut his hair to make way for a more adult stage.

Luis Miguel

Luis Miguel has always known how to captivate us from the beginning, in each of his video clips they kept us addicted to the television, wanting to admire the beauty of the singer and his incredible talent, of course.

The singer has always been a sun from a very young age, in these photos we can see him when he was not yet a musical star.

Luis Miguel

If you look closely he already had a star attitude and we are talking about 1982, when he was just starting a successful career, nor did he imagine how far he would go. A few years later, he began to consolidate success after success.

From a young age he had unusual experiences, such as going on tour, giving interviews to the media and frequently recording songs. But what has always surprised us is how well he maintains himself.