Love and be loved: See the reason why Danna Paola defends the LGBT community

June 27 is commemorated as an iconic day for the LGBT community due to the Stonewall (New York) riots in the early morning of 1969 where a group of gays and transsexuals confronted the police.

Throughout modern history, there are dates that have remained to be commemorated and one of them is June, due to the demand of an entire community that each year gains more attention and flexibility in its rights.

Danna Paola has always been clear in her position on the matter with her statements and a song titled ‘TQ Y YA’, in reference to  ´gay pride day ’, where she expresses herself on the side of love in all its expressions and forms.

Through a striking music video based on picturesque choreographies, the interpreter of ‘Lucrecia’ in the Spanish series ‘Elite’, made her opinion clear through her music on the subject that has gained more relevance, especially during these dates. The most happy with this presentation are their fans.

"Thank you for being an example to the world, that we are capable of fighting for all our rights and being able to show ourselves as we are, without fear of LOVING AND BEING LOVED, feeling proud of being unique and being able to live the life of the color you want, shining brightly, raising a flag with a good heart, and without fear of what others say ", wrote the artist in the caption of her photo on Instagram.

In just hours, the clip published on Instagram  by the artist who feels like a “sister” to the LGBT community,  generating a million 'likes' almost instantly, and on YouTube she already has more 3 million views.