Love at first sight: Look at the photo of Daddy Yankee's son who stole Natti Natasha's heart

Daddy Yankee certainly has good genes inherited by his beautiful children

The singer Daddy Yankee is one of the reggaeton players of the moment. Since its inception it has not stopped ringing in all major stations, this is due to its musical successes.

Daddy Yankee

Let's remember that on several occasions we have talked about Daddy Yankee's beautiful daughter, but this time we will talk about his son. Did you know he had one?

Jeremy Ayala González is the name of the young man who has stolen the hearts of all the girls. He is 20 years old and is the son of Daddy Yankee. Does he look like his father? Many of his fans comment that it is his improved version.

The truth is that this young man shared on his Instagram account a photo that revolutionized the networks because he is undoubtedly very handsome and strong, as all his fans have commented.

The curious thing about this photograph is that Natti Natasha herself liked it. Could this young man seem more likeable to her than his father? Or is it a simple friendship? What a mistery!

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