Luis Miguel's beautiful daughter reveals the secrets of her beauty

Michelle Salas has the beauty of her parents, Luis Miguel and Stephanie Salas. The 30-year-old, with thousands of followers, has a great talent for keeping her skin perfect and showed how she does it through her social networks.

Michelle Salas, daughter of Luis Miguel and actress Stephanie Salas, is only 30 years old and has a unique genetics: her more than a million followers on her official Instagram account, shows that a beautiful woman was born from two great celebrities.

Periodically, she provides beauty tips. In addition to being the co-founder of clothing brand Milea, she launched a "Beauty Talk" and talks about rice water: "For centuries, Japanese women have used rice water as one of their greatest beauty secrets. It is a magic ingredient that improves your skin and hair. Some of its benefits are: frizz control , provide shine and luminosity, hydration ... and best of all !? ".

“It helps stimulation for hair growth! This white water is full of essential nutrients such as: vitamins, calcium, fiber, magnesium, zinc and potassium (to name just a few). Personally, I have been using it daily for two months and I am happy with the results. try it and tell me how it goes”, were her words

The recipe is to prepare a cup of white rice, if possible organic. First, rinse the rice and throw away that water. Once the rice is clean, add a cup and a half of water and let stand 45 minutes to 1 hour.

Rice Water Benefits

Then strain the rice and store the water in a container with a lid and leave to ferment for 24 hours. The next day, apply it to the hair with a spray bottle, leave it on for an hour and rinse the hair. Without a doubt, you see the images of Michelle Salas and you see the great results. 

Much was said about the relationship between Luis Miguel and his daughter, Michelle Salas, after years of separation and estrangement that the singer put between him and his daughter for various reasons. Fortunately, they now have a good father-daughter relationship, with distance communication and sporadic visits.

During an interview, the young woman revealed that in addition to Luis Miguel's musical successes, she also likes his green eyes and his charisma and sense of humor. Without a doubt, she inherited his piercing gaze. They are of such a stick, to such a splinter.

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