Luz García failed interview with Jennifer Lopez because "riders" amounted to 70,000 US dollars

Without a doubt, the singer Jennifer López is so famous that her 'riders' get to collect thousands of dollars for an interview with her. Look at what the renowned television host, Luz García, said about it.

The communicator Luz García is very popular on Dominican television, for having more exclusives on her program "Noche de Luz". Unfortunately, even with her extensive career on that show that began airing in 2004, she was unable to interview Jennifer Lopez exclusively.

Luz Garcia recounted the adventures to achieve the interview in the program "Lente Abierto" that Richard Hernández conducts; how she collected every dollar and ended up deciding it was crazy to risk so much.

Luz García was never able to interview Jennifer López.

“The one that came to me with a very high figure, I never did. Once an offer came to me from an exclusive where many people criticized me, well the sponsors did not applaud me for letting it go, because it is absurd; It was not that the artist charged that, but the riders. To do two interviews in Latin America with Jennifer López they amounted to 70 thousand dollars ”, confessed Luz García.

In turn, she said that she went four or five days without sleep, doing calculations. Despite the fact that in three days she already had half the money, that is to say, 35 thousand dollars, she kept thinking, and she said to herself: "it is what an apartment costs, and I would not have control of the interview."

Dominican television communicator,  Luz García

Luz García said that there were several requirements that she had to do to achieve the conversation with JLO, such as hiring the work team. She believes that you cannot disrespect money, especially in a country like this with so many needs.

The presenter of “Noche de Luz” made it clear that, when she paid for an interview with an artist, it was a very “negligible” figure, compared to the sum of what they were asking for by Jennifer López, if not, a sponsor covered the amount.

JLo's riders charged Luz García more than $ 70,000 for an exclusive.

The Dominican communicator assured that one of the "dream interviews" was the one she did in 2019 to singer-songwriter Juan Luis Guerra. "Having the opportunity to have this great Dominican artist for an entire hour of the program was a dream come true," she added. Undoubtedly, the case of JLo has already been forgotten.

But these were not the only unpublished statements by Luz García that caused controversy. In the last hours, Luz García uploaded a photo to support the rejection of the acts of violence against African American society, after the murder of George Floyd at the hands of the police. She left all the social networks surprised.

Luz García, and her photo to support  Black Lives Matter

To show their support for the Black Lives Matter, artists on Tuesday put their social networks in black against racism. Luz García published an image of her digitally retouched in black, that is, what the television host would look like if she were black.

The color of my skin does not define me. If there is one thing I can never understand, it is racial discrimination. I have always loved diversity, our differences make us unique and special, what really defines us are our values, education and above all our ability to respect and love others. Happy Night ”, was the message written by the television host. In the face of criticism, the host deleted the post.

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