Magical combination: Make your own hair scrub with coffee and lemon

You don't have to spend large amounts of money on expensive exfoliating treatments, you just need coffee and lemon to do a homemade hair peel.

It is not enough to wash the hair two or three times a week, apply conditioner or hydrating masks to guarantee the good health of the hair. Like the body, the scalp requires some care to have beautiful hair.

Experts in this area recommend exfoliating the scalp every three weeks to remove dead cells, dandruff, sebum and other debris that clog pores, affecting the good health of the hair follicle.

There is a wide range of hair scrubs on the market, many of them made from natural ingredients found in our homes. So pay attention and follow the step by step of this recipe to make your own exfoliating cream with coffee and lemon.

For this hair scrub you need ground coffee

What do you need?

How to make it:

Mix the ground coffee, honey and lemon juice in a container. Once the preparation is ready, apply to the scalp, it is recommended that you do it before washing the hair, but it should be slightly moistened.
Massage for a few minutes and then rinse with plenty of water.