Make your own shampoo with honey and protect your hair

Sometimes it is difficult to find the perfect shampoo for our hair. Therefore, we bring the perfect solution to care for it and protect it from impurities with a homemade honey-based product. Easy and very nutritious.

The chemicals found in market and pharmacy shampoos may not have the effect we need on the hair and may even damage it more than it is. What if we make our own homemade shampoo?

In addition to being a simple and inexpensive opportunity to wash our hair, being honey-based we will have natural ingredients, instead of attacking the scalp with pure chemicals. Honey not only provides the best vitamins, but also nourishes the hair. Thus, it will look more hydrated, will give it shine and help stop its fall and the appearance of dandruff.

Homemade honey-based shampoo to care for your hair

The main ingredient will be honey (we always recommend pure honey). In addition to it, we also need mineral water and an essential oil, the one you like best. The amounts will always depend on how long you have the hair: the average amounts will be one tablespoon of honey for three of water.

To mix the ingredients well, pour them into a dry plastic bottle. In this way, the honey, water and oil will be properly mixed when we shake the container. There is going to be a slightly watery mixture but there is nothing to worry about because it is what we are looking for.

Homemade honey-based shampoo to care for your hair

The homemade honey shampoo is used like most of the shampoos that we know: first we must moisten the hair well and once we have it, we will start to massage the scalp.

The main thing is that this area of the scalp receives the most part of the shampoo. That is why we should not extend it towards the ends, but thanks to the massage all the hair will be impregnated with the product. After the massage, we will let it rest for a few minutes and remove it with lukewarm water, as usual. From here, you can continue using your usual conditioner and finish drying as you normally do.